anna barbosa

Director of Empowerment Programs

Anna Barbosa graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and Teaching Certificate in Science Education, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro with a Master's in Education and from The University of Texas at El Paso with a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. As a scholar, she has experience in science education research, interdisciplinary curriculum development and multicultural education. As a professional, she has experience as a science educator, as a program coordinator for an NSF-funded program, and as a Sponsored and Exchange Student Manager. 

She is passionate about international education and educational and ethical issues associated with minority students and social justice, such as issues associated with the development of cross-cultural knowledge and skills and justice-based intercultural dialogues. She joined ETI as a Program Director in 2016 and is responsible for overseeing and managing our curriculum and research and evaluation teams. Being a part of the ETI family has been an honor for her and she is proud to be a part of such an amazing team!