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The challenge in developed countries is to raise awareness and encourage the various sectors—education, private, government, and the general public—to exemplify integration and inclusion in practice, as well as to include more persons with disabilities so as to break down social stigma. ETI’s Integration Programs take blindness and use it to engage participants in activities and conversation while blindfolded. As a result, authentic dialogue and conversations about racism, prejudice, sexism, ageism, and ableism are facilitated, prompting participants to rethink their assumptions about one another—as well as their abilities and the potential of others.

Modeled to appeal to the education, corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, our Integration Programs raise awareness of disability and create change. These programs include team building activities in the dark, student orientation sessions in the dark, and networking in the dark.  The programs raise awareness of integration and begin to change the narrative surrounding disability while placing value on inclusion.

Dining in the Dark

Our Dining in the Dark program is an unforgettable, impactful experience that uses blindness as a tool to create a space that enables attendees to reflect on their biases. Internally, guests are able to gain more insight about themselves and the ways in which they adjust and tailor their interactions and conversations based on society’s expectations, which are often cued visually.

Externally, guests are able to gain a greater appreciation of the talents and abilities of the people they encounter, both at the table and in their everyday interactions. Our hope is that guests take these newfound insights and reflections and apply them in their everyday lives so that together we can bring out the potential of all people in our society.

This exercise will hopefully start a narrative surrounding identity and role of perceived identities in personal and professional interactions.   

Networking in the Dark

Our networking in the dark program is a program that is designed to learn more about the self, how to interact with others, and how people choose to interact. This program will help guests increase self-awareness while networking with others.

This unique program, which can be tailored to an organization's goals, will help employees interact with one another without any biases, while avoiding any stereotypes during interaction.

Orientation in the Dark

The main purpose of our orientation in the dark program is to understand the norms of the participating organization, to get to know the team, and to orient participants to the location. Relying on senses other than sight will help participants truly know and learn about the place. This is a unique program which can be fun and engaging for everyone involved.

Team Building in the Dark

This program is perfectly suited for employees of an organization who work together as team on a day to day basis. Participants are able to gain deeper insight about themselves and the ways in which they adjust and tailor their interactions and conversations based on society’s expectations, which are often cued visually. Our workshop facilitators focus on creating authentic dialogue and conversations surrounding prejudice and group dynamics.

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