ETI Operations and Human Resources Coordinator Position Description

Empowerment Through Integration (ETI) is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit that is changing the narrative surrounding disability both for blind and sighted youth. We create integrated, supportive spaces with life skills training, emotional support, and community service opportunities. Through these integrated spaces, they are able to break down internal and external barriers surrounding views on ability in order to create positive change in society. Our ultimate goal is to enable society to understand that inclusion of all is a value for all.

ETI is currently seeking an Operations Coordinator to assist with overseeing internal communications, human resources and recruitment and organizational functions within ETI. The Operations Coordinator will work closely with the Operations Director. This individual will need to be organized, goal-oriented, and able to balance different projects within the unit.


  •  Co-lead bimonthly calls and facilitate communication between staff and teams (DropBox, Slack, etc.)
  •  Help facilitate organizational planning discussions
  • Assist operations director in position description writing and assist in volunteer/staff recruitment
  • Lead new employee and volunteer onboarding
  • Assist operations director with various tasks as needed


The Operations Coordinator will need to be comfortable working directly with the Operations Director to manage multiple team members and various unit projects. Ideally this individual will be able to contribute 4 hours per week to this position. Interests in organizational development and management and human resources are strongly preferred.


Interested candidates should submit a resume to Lauren Johnson, Operations Director, at