Integrations Programs Outreach COORDINATOR

The ETI Integrations Program focus on the need to raise awareness and encourage various sectors (education, private, government, and the general public) to exemplify integration and inclusion in practice, and to include more persons with disabilities so as to break down social stigmas. Integration Programs are blindfolded, facilitated experiences that allow participants to shed preconceived notions of themselves and others when interacting for the first time, thus allowing them to be blind to certain labels. As a result, authentic dialogue and conversations about racism, prejudice, sexism, ageism and ableism are facilitated, prompting participants to rethink their assumptions about one another – as well as their abilities, and the potential of others.


  • Become familiar with the mission of ETI’s Integration Programs
  • Develop an understanding of the program client base, different program focuses, and event formats
  • Research client leads provided by Program Director
  • Scrape websites to identify potential clients for ETI’s Integration Programs
  • Compile and organize client data
  • Pitch programs to clients professionally and within determined deadlines
  • Meet regularly with Program Director and CEO to provide updates on outreach efforts
  • Assist Program Director with market research efforts
  • Attend bi-weekly ETI Team Meetings


  • Passion for social justice and disabilities rights issues
  • Excellent research, writing, and organizational skills
  • Comfortable working as part of a team
  • Prior experience with networking and client interaction
  • Prior experience with market research a plus
  • Experience with Excel and Salesforce (or other CRMs) a plus
  • Ability to contribute 10-20 hours/week to this role

Ideally, this candidate will currently be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate level program focusing on sales, business administration/management, communications, marketing or similar field. The candidate will be available starting June of 2018 through August of 2018.


Interested candidates should submit a resume and writing sample to