About ETI

At ETI, we envision an inclusive future, where individuals are empowered to openly embrace all of their identities in a society that embraces them in turn. ETI creates integrated, supportive spaces that empower our program participants to break down social stigmas and create positive social change.  

Our ultimate goal is to enable society to understand that inclusion of all is a value for all.

our story

ETI’s founder and CEO, Sara Minkara, lost her sight at age seven and witnessed the often-extreme ways that society marginalizes and undervalues children with disabilities. She launched the organization as an undergraduate at Wellesley College thanks to a Clinton Foundation grant, and today ETI’s international reach impacts more than a thousand program participants each year.

In all our work we strive to elevate marginalized voices and viewpoints and to promote a robust, authentic respect for individual value. Our programs support individuals of all identities and abilities to become catalysts for change in their own lives, their communities, and beyond.

ETI advances its mission through groundbreaking initiatives that challenge stereotypes about people with disabilities, elevate marginalized voices and viewpoints, and promote a robust and authentic respect for individual value.

Awards and Certifications

Other Awards and Certifications

  • David Peace Project, 2011

  • Emily Balch Peace and Justice Award, Wellesley College, 2009