Alexis Smith

Development and Partnership Director

Founder–Board Member, ETI LEBANON BOARD

Alexis Smith currently serves as the Development and Partnership Director of ETI-US.  She has been a member of team over the past three years and has been integral to the growth that ETI has experienced during this time. In early 2016, she served as the interim president for three months, so she knows ETI in and out and has had the pleasure of watching the organization blossom.

Her presence as a Board Member of ETI Lebanon is critical because she not only brings her experience with ETI to the group, but also brings her passion for the mission of inclusion, skills, and vision for the future of ETI.

In her time as Development and Partnership Director, she has facilitated a number of partnerships for ETI ranging from partnerships with UN entities to government embassies and IGOs. In addition, she has represented ETI at many international conferences such as the World Government Summit in Dubai to the Science Inclusion Conference in Monterrey, Mexico.

Alexis is a Harvard graduate with a background in Social Anthropology and Global Health. She has served in a number of public health roles from working in a community health center as a diabetes prevention coach to managing social media and youth engagement for a mobile health center in Boston, The Family Van. Her desire is to empower communities with the knowledge and confidence to manage their own health. She believes that a first step in this is for society, from patients to providers, to value the voices and knowledge of all people from all education levels.

Alexis has also received numerous awards including the Gates Millennium Scholarship and the Horatio Algers Scholarship.

She was born and raised in south Alabama and currently lives in Boston, yet has dreams of returning back to the south to open up a community-based, patient-centered wellness center.  

Her passion and her vision for ETI is that it will continue to grow and challenge misconceptions about disability throughout the MENA region, and ultimately the world—one community and conversation at a time. Specifically, for ETI Lebanon, she looks forward to the day that ETI Lebanon is the major hub of inclusion in the MENA region—a beacon for all!