A few days of Nicaragua

[google-translator] Hola amigos!

It's the start of a new week here already, and tomorrow we will have been in Nicaragua for a full seven days. It actually feels like we've been here for more than a week though- perhaps because we've gotten so comfortable with getting around already.

We rented our own car, a tiny little Chevrolet, and have pretty much figured out the roadways over here. It's an exciting accomplishment for us!

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So the past couple days have been filled with setting up different meetings and meeting with different organizations. A few days ago, we had a meeting with the director of The University of Thomas Moore, located here in Managua. That very first meeting, the director immediately welcomed us and set up a general interest meeting with the students the very next day. We got to meet a group  of about 20 students that came, already fully interested and on fire to begin working. It was so encouraging to see the local students here so ready to take on roles that will help their community. As each student went around stating what they're studying and explaining why they wanted to help, I caught a glimpse of how passionate the local Nicaraguans can be. DHL_5700

We're excited to begin working with this bunch and have high hopes for the future we can build with them!

Alright, time to prep and get ready for a brand new week here in Nicaragua. We'll be talking to you soon, hasta luego!