Bienvenidos From Nicaragua

Hola from sunny (and humid) Nicaragua! The ETI team has now been on the ground for 10 days, staying in Managua, the capital city. Let’s introduce you to the members of the 2014 Nicaragua ETI Team: IMG_8721 (Left to right) Shontelle Brathwaite, Hannah Huhr, Sean Whalen, Greg Aikens, David Lim

We’ve had a whirlwind of adventures already, which we look forward to sharing with you in the next several posts. This includes meeting with a couple of local organizations working with the blind population, visiting schools, and setting ourselves up for a parent workshop! While we’ve been working hard, we’ve also had opportunities to check out some cool cities and get to know the culture here a little better. So be sure to stay tuned because we’ve got some goodies and treats for you! Plus, you’ll get to meet each of us a little bit more ;)

We are so excited to be here and have been having a blast getting to meet the very helpful and friendly Nicaraguans! Some of us (ahem, maybe all of us) are also brushing up on our español, which is an added bonus.

Hasta pronto!