Closing Ceremony


Hello all!

So it's been nearly a month since the closing ceremony that Camp Rafiqi threw has come and gone, but it feels as if yesterday when we were all seated at the theater auditorium... watching, laughing, and admiring the work of all of our beloved campers and counselors.

The closing ceremony was filled with theater performances, musical performances, award ceremonies, even a magic show, and a huge dance blowout on stage to end it all! The campers and counselors had prepared long and hard for this event, and it definitely showed in their orderly and well put together display. They made it quite a special day for everyone... allowing people to reflect back on the camp and reminisce on the beautiful memories and times it had brought to us all.

You're probably feeling a bit left out by now, so let me give you a taste of this excitement and bliss through these pictures:

Basil was our Emcee for the night.

He had originally felt shy and nervous when the camp had first asked him to take on the task, but if he was still feeling jitters, he sure didn't show it. From leading us through the Lebanese National Anthem, to introducing each performance, Basil did an amazing job, all with a clear strong voice.

Camp director Immaud came up to say a few words...

...along with Sara Minkara, the president of ETI.

She shared with us the vision of the camp along with visions of ETI.


We had our two favorite girls dance and sing for us!

....followed by quite an entertaining skit


And even a magnificent MAGIC SHOW!

The campers gathered to perform a spectacular dance..

Which had us erupting with applause!


and lead us quite conveniently into the Awards Ceremony.


I hope you felt as much part of the ceremony as able to... it's one that we definitely wished everyone could have witnessed.