Greetings from Lebanon

"We scoped out a field trip for the kids. The picture is of the Sidon Sea Castle built by the Crusaders in the 13th century. I think we are going to do this with the kids!"   -Pam

Driving in Lebanon

"I first want to tell you about our driver. He is really funny and he always teases Pam. For instance, we would be passing this old man with a long  beard and he would say, "Pam, Pam, look, look - Osama Bin Ladin!" or, "this is a suicide bomber!" He loves to play on the fear of Americans.

But on a more serious note, our driver really takes care of us. It is sooo funny that he and Pam cannot converse with one another much because he doesn't know English that well and Pam  barely knows French.  But they get along and we are so grateful Issam has taken it upon himself to be our older brother and bodyguard."  -Sara