Volunteer Spotlight: Remi Hamzeh

Remi Hamzeh, who volunteers as a life skills trainer, social literacy trainer, and paramedic, is our Volunteer Spotlight!

Outside of ETI, she is a clinical pathologist/psychologist.

In this photo: Remi Hamzeh

In this photo: Remi Hamzeh

How did you learn about ETI? 
Our doctor at uni, Dr. Chartouni, told us about it as a chance to have an internship. Then, the country director Anna Barbosa told us more about it.

Why did you decide to volunteer? 
It was a chance for me to discover something new. I'm already volunteering with special abilities since childhood but I haven't worked with blind kids before separately.

What has surprised you most about working with ETI? 
How real it is and how close you'd become while working with these kids, especially in the home visits. As well as the observation and the new things you'd see and analyze then.

In this photo: a quote from the text featuring Remi Hamzeh

In this photo: a quote from the text featuring Remi Hamzeh

What have you learned by volunteering with ETI? 
That the correct terminology is Persons with Disabilities and every need they have they improve an ability that makes them unique their own way. And that anyone can make something, we (humans) just need to support each other.

What is your biggest takeaway? 
That if we were the ones we needed when we were kids...everything will change around the globe.

What is the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience? 
Making one of our participants fight for her dreams and keep going with her (hard conditions in university) although everyone else was telling her to quit.

What might someone be surprised to know about you? 
That I'm visually impaired too, and I wanted to know more about this world (blindness) for that I still have some light in my path and I want to make it wider - (especially that my visual impairment isn't diagnosed yet accurately).

What do you do when you aren't volunteering for ETI?

Volunteer with other organizations, work, and study (finishing my thesis).