Open Volunteer Positions–2017 Empowerment Programs (Lebanon)

ETI is hiring volunteers in Lebanon for both the Beirut and North regions. Please see more information below.

Camp Director:


  • Managing a team of staff and volunteers
  • Overseeing the safety of all campers and staff.
  • Managing overall program content and structure: being able to operationalize the curriculum.
  • Having external relationship skills with parents.
  • Communicating camp rules and guidelines to both counselors and participants
  • Monitoring budgets and securing funds for incidents or activities that have not been accounted for.
  • Ensure on task actions.
  • Demonstrate leadership to camp participants by providing emotional support and encouragement, and for ensuring successful team building between all groups.
  • Demonstrate leadership to the team of mentors and volunteers by being positive and inspirational and by representing ETI in the best way possible.                    


Media Director:


  • Setting a weekly media plan and goals to be achieved.
  • Interviewing: parents, youth, staff members and volunteers.
  • Communicating interview questions and circulating them around the media team.
  • Supervising daily posts with communicative captions to post on social media platforms.
  • Working on building connections with media to spread the word.
  • Organizing regular meetings with the media team.
  • Monitoring budgets and securing funds for incidents or activities that have not been accounted for
  • Taking expressive photos.
  • Overseeing and Working on combined video clips.
  • Having external relationship skills.
  • Demonstrate leadership by providing emotional support and encouragement, and for ensuring successful media strategies.
  • Divide the roles equally upon the media team and ensure on task actions.
  • Demonstrate leadership to the team of mentors and volunteers by being positive and inspirational, and by representing ETI in the best way possible on all media platforms.


Operations and Finance Officer:


  • Assist in the development and leadership of staff members in order to provide high quality services to camp youth.
  • Assist with management and administration of all camp activities, including staff and resource management, reports and program reviews.
  • In the absence of the Director, the Operations Officer is responsible for supervising and directing activities in the camp.
  • The Operation Officer must also demonstrate clear knowledge of rules, regulations and guidelines within the camp.
  • In this capacity, he/she may field questions and concerns from staff, address problems and shortcomings, and provide insight to streamline the camp. In doing so, the Operations Officer looks to strengthen the staff itself and help develop the management team.
  • Processing of financial aid disbursement authorizations, maintenance of financial aid database, reconciliation of financial aid data
  • Work with ETI Local Directors to ensure accurate and timely disbursement, reporting and availability of funds.
  • Be responsible for disbursements and organization of receipts.


Academic and Youth Affairs Officer:


  • Determination of changes in satisfactory academic process (the progress of students within the discipline thought and the activities implemented)
  • Assuring proper management of the overall curriculum and camp schedules (supervising, assessing abilities/progress before, during and after implementation of activities and disciplines) this will be done to ensure that all trainers and staff members are implementing the designed curriculum in the correct manner.
  • Holding regular meetings with trainers (on task, suggestions, alterations…) and overall assessment of camp youth progress.
  • Counseling students.
  • Researching complex issues to resolve non-routine camp youth problems in compliance with Camp regulations.
  • Perform the role of the mediator between camp youth themselves in addition to youth and staff members.
  • Provide the emotional support, encouragement and needed care for the camp youth
  • Report serious issues and incidence to Camp Director.


External Affairs and Facilities Officer:


  • Guide parents and other interested parties regarding the program available.
  • Provide information to parents and staff members regarding program requirements and responsibilities and application procedures.
  • Keep track of all camp youth files and required information.
  • Facilitate the availability of the room and camp materials
  • Ensure that transportation facilities are well organized, safe and always on time (arrival and departure).
  • Insure proper arrangement with all external parties regarding food, snack, and trips


Nursing Officer:


  • Monitor the health, hygiene and risk management standards of the overall program.
  • Providing general first aid, serving as the primary contact when health needs arise among staff or participants, administering routine medications.
  • Ensure each staff member and participant has a health history on file, including written authorization to treat if medical needs arise.
  • Implement appropriate first aid measures as needed, reporting incidents to parents (Completing and filing accident and incident reports).
  • Leading specific topics to camp youth (Hygiene, or any other essential topic…)
  • Create a safe recreation area: Along with the Camp Director, monitor / evaluate camp procedures, facilities, and conditions and suggest modifications that would create more healthful conditions in the camp.
  • Ensure rescue equipment and first aid kit are readily accessible, in good repair and properly stocked.
  • First aid and CPR certification is also required.


Media Content Manager:


  • Assigning and editing articles, quotes, photos and videos for ETI social media platforms,
  • Composition of original content and copyediting for branding utilization including but not limited to all external communications – website, social media, etc.
  • Composition of original speech content and copyediting of camp youth and staff members for public presentation.
  • Communicating and sending out all camp material to ETI External Relations Director.
  • Create and implement a multifaceted marketing, advertising, and communications ideas aligned with ETI goals.
  • Engaging content via social media platforms, and interacting with fans on a day-to-day basis.
  • Interviewing: parents, youth, staff members and volunteers.
  • Taking expressive photos.


Digital Media Producer:


  • Preparing online posts and rotating articles, photos, and videos on a day-to-day basis.
  • Creating entertaining content for digital distribution including audio, photos and video.
  • Creating a combined inspirational/innovative video of the camp for marketing and branding purposes
  • Interviewing: parents, youth, staff members and volunteers.
  • Taking expressive photos.


Other Activities:


  • Right to Play (RTP) training
  • Selected activities


Group Leaders/Assistants:

  • Maintains a record of inappropriate behavior, violations of Camp Rules, lateness and absences from classes.
  • Assists in enforcing camp policy.
  • Responds to emergencies as appropriate.
  • Provide a well-kept camp/well-organized.


Orientation and Mobility Trainer/Assistant:

  • Implementation of ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training.


Braille Trainer/Assistant:

  • Implementation of literacy program training.


ADL Trainer/Assistant:

  • Implementation of ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training – especially during snack and lunchtime.


Social Skills and Literacy Trainer/Assistants:

  • Implementation of ADL Training (Activities of Daily Living).
  • Communicate information regarding assistive technological tools.


Theater, Art, Sports and Music Trainers/Assistants:

  • Implementation of curricula
  • Assurance of material availability before the implementation of activities.


Research and Evaluation Team:

  • Data collection
  • Supervision of the overall camp progress
  • Monitoring of curricula effectiveness
  • Sending out data to the US research & evaluation team (daily).


Training Sessions



Volunteers will be present on all/consecutive training sessions. If one session is missed, volunteers will not be able to continue the training and will therefore be dismissed from the camp.

Transportation for training will NOT be provided.


If interested in a position, please send an email to:

  • Azzam To'meh,, Program Manager, for positions in Beirut
  • Ziad Azar,, Program Manager, for positions in the North Region