Imane Sadek

Lebanon Operations and Finance Director

Imane graduated from the Lebanese University – Faculty of Public Health from the Department “Medical & Social Work”. Since her graduation, she started to work as a social worker with the Youth Association of the blind (YAB). After a year, she joined the board and consequently joined the cause of visual impairment, and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities became her passion. She knew that this was her mission and not only her job! 

She gained four years of experience working with YAB, mainly in the fields of being a trainer for people with disabilities about their rights (UNCRPD) and Advocacy movement and initiatives. She also worked as a regional administrative assistant with Asian Blind Union (ABU). She was then introduced to ETI and got closer to its mission and integrated programs.

She now serves as the Operations and Finance Director for ETI’s programs in Lebanon.