Jawdat Chakaroun


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Jawdat Chakaroun graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Economics. Currently, Jawdat is working at SODETEL, Part of Orange, as a Corporate Sales Engineer.

He began his journey with ETI as a volunteer at Camp Rafiqi's AUB location in 2017. He served as Camp Director. His passion for serving the community led him to join the ETI Family. Currently, he works as Project Manager for the UNESCO Project in Lebanon.

Jawdat’s previous experience in different sectors makes him an excellent, self-motivated and inspirational candidate. He started his career as a site engineer, which allowed him to develop his self-confidence and leadership skills, before moving on to a research position at AUB. As a research assistant in the School of Business, Management Department, he assisted in launching a presidential initiative tackling topics including gender, youth, the environment, and citizenship. In addition, he lead a research team which launched a Doctoral Degree in the school of Business. He also assisted in launching the Civic Engagement Program for AUB students.

Jawdat looks forward to creating impact within his community, as well as to helping to provide a better environment for all.