Life Skills TRAINER (beirut, Lebanon)

Empowerment Through Integration (ETI) is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit that is changing the narrative surrounding disability both for blind and sighted youth. We create integrated, supportive spaces with life skills training, emotional support, and community service opportunities. Through these integrated spaces, they are able to break down internal and external barriers surrounding views on ability in order to create positive change in society. Our ultimate goal is to enable society to understand that inclusion of all is a value for all.

ETI is currently seeking one professional to act as our Life Skills Trainer between March 2019 and December 2019.


The Life Skills Trainer will be responsible for:

  • Implementing the activities associated with our ETI programs in Beirut/Mount Lebanon area (including: Family workshops/Home Sessions, Life Skills Programs for blind and visually impaired youth and ETI’s inclusive summer camp (Camp Rafiqi) for youth with and without disabilities). 

  • Have a critical and creative eye for program improvement and revising life skills training and curriculum materials as needed in consultation with Life Skills Program Coordinator(s).

  • Visiting visually impaired participants and their families identified, selected and assigned by ETI at their respective homes in the Mount Lebanon area (Jnah, Mar Elias camp, etc) once a week to reinforce training associated with ETI’s Life Skills curriculum.


  • Conduct individual training sessions with up to 13 visually impaired participants at their respective homes each week.

  • Consult with and report to the international life skills coordinators assigned by ETI on a biweekly basis for training and curriculum revision and updates.

  • Manage all the required logistics and execution of ETI’s Empowerment Programs, including: Family Workshops & Home sessions and Life Skills Programs.

  • Act as liaison between ETI and partnering organizations for Life Skills Programs.

  • Act as ETI point of contact for visually impaired participants and their families.

  • Compose and maintain case files for each visually impaired participant.

  • Compose and submit weekly, monthly and bi-annual reports for the Program Manager.

  • Collaborate with other Life Skills Program’s team members with localizing and tailoring the curriculum according to each socio-cultural context.

  • Collect feedback and testimonials associated with the implementation of Life Skills Programs and Parents Workshops/Sessions in Lebanon.

  • Assist ETI Monitoring & Evaluation team on the evaluation of ETI Programs as needed.

  • Work together with visually impaired participants, their families and international Life Skills coordinators on identifying participants’ needs and implementing adequate training suitable to respond to each participant’s and parental needs.

  • Participate in weekly ETI's team meetings (phone calls, Skype, in person etc) with ETI Lebanon team.

  • Respond to emails and other contact (by ETI team, participants, partners, participant families) in a timely manner.

  • Report to ETI Program Manager.


Type of position:             Part-time (20 hours/week)

Monthly Salary:              USD $800.00/month

Transportation:               To be arranged by Life Skills Trainer

Duration:                         Between March and December 2019

Probation period:           3 months from start date

Start day:                       Flexible



The Life Skills trainer/coordinator will need to be comfortable working as part of a team, working independently and virtually from multiple locations and formal and informal work spaces, attend meetings in multiple locations in Lebanon (including, but not limited to Great Beirut area, Tripoli, Bekka, if needed) and participate in various projects related to training and advocacy about social issues related to blindness in different contexts.

 Professionals with proven background in humanitarian and/or UN initiatives, and degrees in social work, psychology, education and/or special education and related fields, and; experience in programs for blind youth are strongly preferred.

 Strong proficiency in English (written and oral communication) is mandatory.


Interested candidates should submit a resume and letter of interest to ETI Lebanon Country Director Denise Chamassian, email:

ETI Website:

ETI Facebook/Instagram: @ETIntegration