One of our programs is the Life Skill Program, which is a training that introduces and teaches classes in mobility and orientation, independent life skills (such as cooking and banking), and technology use. This program is integral to preparing the visually-impaired youth for integrated settings and instilling confidence.

For this specific project, ETI is collaborating with organizations working with youth who are blind and visually-impaired and would like to implement this program. We are recruiting for an Orientation & Mobility Trainer Program Consultant who will go and train the staff and organization. This person will provide them with the basic skills needed so that they can provide ETI’s life skills training program to their own beneficiaries.

The following is an annual timeline for these projects:

* Phase 1 – 1 Week Trip to Organization for Research and Training (This is to gather the local context.)

* Phase 2 – 3 Months to Tailor the curriculum and prepare the pre-intervention focus groups and surveys

* Phase 3 – Return back to organization in order to carry out 1 Week Training of Staff and Evaluation

* Phase 4 – Return back to organization (3 months later) to reinforce the training, train the organization participants (beneficiaries), and plan for future sustainability.

In addition to conducting the training on the ground, consultants will also be asked to collect research and evaluation data and materials that our organization can use for external relations, donor engagements, and annual reporting.

ETI will cover all travel-related expenses (cost of travel, lodging, food, etc.).


ETI is looking for interested candidates that are able to commit to a 6-8 month project. On average, it will be a 3-5 hours per week commitment with the exception of the 3 field visits as noted in the above timeline. On average, field visits are 1-2 weeks each except the final phase will be 2-3 weeks as the

consultant will be training both the staff and their participants. Consultants will be supervised by Kathy Zwald, ETI’s Life Skill Program Manager.

Candidates must be willing to travel, have a flexible schedule, and have a deep understanding and value for cultural differences and environments. Comfort working with diverse populations is a must.


The project will start between January-March 2017. This is flexible based on organization or trainer needs and schedules. The project will need to be completed by the end of 2017. ETI’s Research and Evaluation Unit will check in 6 months later to collect data, and may need to contact consultants.


* Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Orientation & Mobility

* ACVREP Certified

* 5 years of professional experience in several different environments


Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and a list of three references to Lauren Johnson, Operations Director, at ljohnson@etivision.org.