Please Join Empowerment Through Integration (ETI) as a Sighted Guide Volunteer for installments of our exciting Teambuilding in the Dark series. The events will take place in Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Lebanon in the upcoming year.

The ETI Integration Programs focus on the need to raise awareness and encourage various sectors (education, private, government, and the general public) to exemplify integration and inclusion in practice, and to include more persons with disabilities so as to break down social stigmas. Integration Programs are blindfolded, facilitated experiences that allow participants to shed preconceived notions of themselves and others when interacting for the first time, thus allowing them to be blind to certain labels. As a result, authentic dialogue and conversations about racism, prejudice, sexism, ageism and ableism are facilitated, prompting participants to rethink their assumptions about one another – as well as their abilities, and the potential of others.

If you are interested in future sighted guide volunteer opportunities, please contact Maggie Austen at: