Karim Itani

Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Karim Itani is student at the American University of Beirut and currently acts as a volunteer coordinator for the summer programs of ETI in Lebanon. As coordinator, Karim Itani is responsible for managing external affairs and on-site operations, moderating the delivery of “Cogenerative Dialogues”, and guiding and motivating volunteers in the execution of empowerment and inclusion of youth with visual impairment within the frameworks of interactive, enthusiastic and Human-Centric summer programs.

Mr. Itani has previously participated, as a volunteer, in the qualitative research and evaluation processes of cogenerative dialogues in 2017 and has worked directly with participants in the preparation and organization of a play in the same year. He also delivers leadership and social skills workshops in schools and is the founder and organizer of “The Spark”, an annual conference for high school students to share inspiring ideas and create social change. Mr. Itani has also taken part in “SRI: Students as Researchers Initiative”, where he was given the opportunity to take part in cancer research at the American University of Beirut (AUB), as well as explore the realms of pharmacology and oncology. Currently he is studying to attain his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in management and organizational behavior.