Marwa Zeayter

life skills trainer

Marwa Zeayter joined ETI as a Volunteer in 2018, and has recently joined ETI Lebanon as a full-time Life Skills Trainer in Beirut. Marwa just finished her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is pursuing a second Master's degree in Neuropsychology.

Marwa decided to use her knowledge and experience to empower children through her role as a life skills trainer in ETI. She believes her background in psychology can greatly impact the lives of beneficiaries, including youth with disabilities and their families. She hopes to improve participants' understanding of "self" and "others", communication skills, and provide them the necessary tools to sustain their own self-empowering processes. She is also an active member of ETI Teacher Advisory Group in Lebanon.

Marwa has been trained in Life Skills with O&M specialists including Ms Marie Trudelle, Elijah Haines and Kevin McCormack, and is now responsible for instructing new trainers on the ground. As ETI's Life Skills Trainer, Marwa will continue working with youth with visual impairments and empower them to be fully independent members in society.