Nadine Nadji

teacher advisor

Nadine Najdi is majoring early childhood education in Lebanese American University (LAU). She’s interested in implementing change and helping children with disabilities. She joined ETI in January 2018 as a trainer and now serves as an ETI Volunteer in Beirut. She’s currently doing her internship at the American Community School Beirut (ACS) for KG2 students ages 5 to 6. Moreover, Nadine is also a middle volunteer manager for finance legalities and logistics in AIESEC. She volunteered in several NGOs such as Makhzoumi Foundation in the summer, and has taught refugee preschool children English and math with no proper education with 26 letters.

Having been introduced to ETI in her junior year has changed her life. She’s now more aware of people with disabilities and how to facilitate training them. This enhanced her knowledge about teaching children with disabilities and the importance of life skills training for the empowerment and integration of blind youth.