Yara Kobrossy

Lebanon Country Director

Yara Kobrossy graduated from the University of Balamand, Lebanon with a BA in Education and an MA in Education and Curriculum Management. After being diagnosed at the age of eight with a degenerative eye disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), and becoming a visually impaired person, she became aware of the different challenges that a visually impaired individual faces throughout his or her educational path and everyday life.  One of the most significant challenges that she has observed is the lack of confidence amongst visually impaired youth. This lack of confidence stands in the way of them pursuing their dreams, achieving their goals and thus becoming active citizens in their society, like other non-disabled individuals.

She was introduced to Sara Minkara through a mutual connection and what greatly attracted her to ETI’s mission is the way in which the issue of confidence is addressed. Programs such as integrated summer camps followed by a social project are highly innovative and foster independence in a creative, effective and non-discriminating manner. Through a personalized approach focusing on the individual rather than the population, confidence and positivity are created through encouragement, emotional support and integration. As a visually impaired person herself, she knows that once a disabled individual realizes the strength and capabilities he or she possesses, then reaching out to help those in need, giving back to their community, and demanding the right to participate as an abled citizen, all become a natural outcome. Realizing the mission of ETI is what she wants and has always wanted not only for herself but also for her visually impaired friends, and for our community as a whole. She is so proud and grateful to be a part of the amazing ETI team and she is sure that ETI's goals will be achieved and will positively impact societies worldwide.