Nour Iskandarani

Life SKills trainer

My name is Nour Iskandarani, I was born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon. I am an undegraduate student (3rd year) at University of Saint Joseph in the field of Orthopedagogy with focus on youth with special needs. As a future educator (Orthopedagogue in French), my professional aspirations include working with children, their families and members of their communities to strengthen their capabilities and support their efforts toward meeting their own needs. I believe my passion in this field will greatly contribute to my work in helping children to recognize their own hidden capabilities and learn to deal with their own special needs. As a professional, I will also be responsible for supporting individuals' development of skills needed to establish an independent, safe and fulfilling life.

I believe that no single approach is ultimately the right one for each and every individual, so I am grateful for having received diverse training during which I explored and examined a wide range of cases (of various ages and backgrounds) and further developed by own knowledge on best practices and supporting techniques.