Razane Berjaoui

Teacher Advisor

I am a Mathematics teacher at the International College of Beirut. I received my BS and MS from the American University of Beirut and I have been teaching for nine years.

I am very passionate about teaching because bonding with students and touching their hearts and minds feed my soul. Mathematics is my favorite subject because the challenges it presents make me feel that I can do wonders. I also believe that it is a prerequisite for any other subject.

On a personal level, I like traveling around the globe to discover different cultures and see the beauty of the world. Reading books on spiritual and social topics provide a sense of amazement and boost my incentive to help people and leave an impact wherever I go.

My interest in social work led me to volunteer with ETI in July 2019. The experience was an eye-opener for me. I was exposed to people who, despite all the hardships they faced, were strong enough to attain enormous achievements in life. This reaffirmed in me the importance of believing in every individual and never giving up on anyone, including myself. My experience with ETI exposed me to a very professional and friendly crew, making it an even more rewarding journey.