Ross Bye


Ross completed his Bachelors of Science at Northland College with a focus in Art Education (K-12) and Environmental Education. The combination of art and science encouraged an approach to curriculum development through dual processes using study habits of the mind to further learning with engagement, persistence, envision, expression, observation, exploration, storytelling, and empathy. Using arts-based education, studio thinking, and horticultural therapy, he implemented a social-emotional curriculum in Chicago charter and public schools as a special education teacher. Developing a critical consciousness through reflective education, he later worked with wilderness therapy and experiential education non-profit organizations fostering growth in culture, character, and capacity.  

The commitment to advocacy through action by trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, and diversity prompted his move to Boston in 2014 supporting generational change by engaging children from high-risk communities in therapeutic mentoring relationships. He joined ETI in 2017 with a deep commitment to inclusivity, education equity, community development, social justice, sustainability in the arts, and cultural empowerment.