Roy Araman


Roy Araman is a Life Sciences high school student interested in beginning a Bachelor's degree in Engineering after his graduation in June 2019. One of the graduation requirements is to complete a program that asks for a minimum of 150 hours in community service. After some research to find a cause he wants to support and take part in, he came across ETI’s mission and programs. He began volunteering with ETI in the summer of 2017 during which he served as a Research and Evaluation member as well as a Blind Soccer Trainer. After an unforgettable 5 weeks of Life Skills and Camp Rafiqi summer programs, Roy decided to rejoin ETI again in the summer of 2018 as camp coordinator for the Life Skills Program at AUB. Following yet another program he was proud to be involved in, Roy is looking forward to continuing his journey with ETI as a future camp director. Roy says that his experience with ETI was one of a kind: "I will never forget the participants that told me I was part of a change in their lives."