Samer Al-Loubani

Senior Program Manager

Samer Al-Loubani is an Engineer with a degree from Beirut Arab University. Since 2014, he has been passionate about volunteering and helping people in need from different backgrounds and ages. Samer has experience with working with NGOs since 2010, such as Save The Children. He has also worked with the UN entity UNRWA, and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Lebanon in departments such as Shelter and Livelihoood. Lastly, he has experience as a life skills trainer coordinator for Solideraty Center in Nuwat, North Lebanon.

Samer has attended many workshops on public speaking skills, self confidence and youth projects in North Lebanon, and received the Lebanon Relief first place award for the Best Youth Project idea funded by UNICEF. He also performed as a skilled volunteer for 6th Midditerian Forest week with the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO. Samer currently serves as Senior Program Manager for ETI in Tripoli and is responsible for the implementation of ETI's Empowerment Programs in North Lebanon. He is happy to be a part of ETI and believes that all humans are equal and have the right to be empowered and integrated in society.