Samiha Wehbi


Samiha Wehbi is a student at American University of Beirut studying Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about volunteering and helping people in need from different backgrounds and ages. She has volunteered with many NGOs in Lebanon such as UNICEF, Nasma, Himaya, and Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation.

Samiha has attended many workshops on public speaking skills, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, proposal writing, and project management, among others. She is a member of 3D Club (Debate, Discussion, Dialogue) at AUB, and earned second place during the "Qatar Debate" event with participants from different universities in Lebanon. During the 2018 ETI Life Skills Program at AUB, Samiha served as a group leader and coordinator in the North. She was responsible for providing transportation for the visually impaired youth and volunteers from North Lebanon who attended the camp in Beirut.