Serena El Tawil


Serena El Tawil is a student studying psychology in the American University of Beirut, and also doing a diploma in special needs. She hopes to pursue a career in child psychology, as she has a passion working with children. She is currently volunteering in 7 NGOs and loves spreading positive vibes wherever she goes. To her, volunteering is more than just helping out, it's about drawing smiles on people's faces. She decided to volunteer for ETI because she saw that this organization truly wants to make a difference in the lives of these children by teaching them daily-life skills from learning how to be independent to interacting with others, as well as reducing the stigma that is unfortunately still prevalent in Lebanon concerning visual and hearing impairments. She believes that is is important to empower these children and show that it is not their impairment that defines them, but who they are. She also believes that they should be given rights and accommodations to suit their needs because in each child lies a dream, a passion or a vision that will come to life one day, and change the world to the better.