Stefanie Belnavis

Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator

Dance Movement Therapy Consultant

Stefanie D Belnavis - Bio Picture copy.jpg

Stefanie D. Belnavis, R-DMT, is a visually impaired Jamaican-born dancer, choreographer, disabilities advocate, dance movement therapist and consultant, early childhood mental health clinician, and founder of the Diahann Project and A Bucket For The Well.

Belnavis specializes in multicultural mental health advocacy for children, families, community educators, and community partners in the United States and with the Caribbean Diaspora, focusing on the intergenerational immigrant experience. An immigrant herself, Belnavis seeks to create intersectional dialogue around diverse, inclusive, and equitable trauma-informed mental health approaches—namely dance movement psychotherapy—within underserved and marginalized communities. Her work marries culturally empathetic mental health practices, creative arts therapy interventions, and intergenerational studies within immigrant communities.